Frequently Asked Questions

How long does hair need to be for sugaring?

We need 10-14 days of growth for your first sugaring treatment. If hair is longer, we will trim to the length we need for a successful sugaring. When in doubt, do not trim prior to your appointment. It is better for hair to be too long than too short. Hair should be just long enough to pinch between the thumb and forefinger.

Can I work out after sugaring?

Extreme sweating for the first 48 hours after sugaring leaves you much more susceptible to breakout from the bacteria in your sweat. Showering immediately after your workout will help keep pores clean.

Can I spray tan after sugaring?

Please wait 48 hours before getting a spray tan. Sugaring not only removes hair, but also exfoliates the skin. Tanning sooner than 48 hours after sugaring will burn the new skin cells causing damage to the skin. We DO NOT encourage the use of tanning beds or direct sun exposure. Protect your skin’s health and use SPF.

Can males get sugared?

Yes, all of our services are offered to male guests as well.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

We request clean and exfoliated skin that is free of products. Shower and exfoliate skin prior to your reservation, but do not apply topical products to the skin. Dead skin and product will inhibit the sugar paste from seeping into the hair follicle and surrounding the root for removal.

How can I get the best results from sugaring?

Maintaining healthy hydrated skin before and after sugaring is vital to achieving smooth, hair free skin. We recommend gentle exfoliation and daily moisturizing between sugaring treatments. To get the best results from sugaring we strongly advise that you do not shave or use other forms of depilation while on a sugaring schedule.

How painful is sugaring?

Pain tolerance varies for each individual. We make every effort to keep you comfortable and have unique methods for managing pain while in our care. Our guests are typically surprised at their ability to manage discomfort during sugaring.

Do I shave between sugaring treatments?

No, shaving between sugaring treatments will interrupt the growth cycle schedule we work to achieve with routine sugaring treatments. There is no need to shave between.

Can I swim or hot tub after sugaring?

It is best to wait 48hrs to reduce the risk of infection.

Is sugaring safe for kids?

Yes, our advanced technique and organic sugar paste are safe and effective for all ages and stages of skin and hair growth.

Is body sugaring new?

Body Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal dating back as far as 1900 B.C. The earliest references to hair removal came from the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece.

What happens after my appointment?

Welcome to a new smooth! We recommend you do not use a hot tub, receive a spray tan, use a tanning bed, or have prolonged sun exposure for 24-48 hours post sugaring. Why? Pores are open and skin is freshly exfoliated which will make it more susceptible to bacteria and sunburn.

How often will I need to get sugared?

Every individual body and hair growth is different. Learning what is best for your skin and maintaining hair growth will take a few treatments. Your skin therapist will do a thorough consultation to advise on a personalized schedule that would work best to maintain your preferences for sugaring treatments based on your hair growth.

What's the difference between sugar & wax?

Sugaring removes hair in the natural direction of growth. This body temperature paste does not burn skin or remove live skin cells. Wax removes hair in the opposite direction of natural growth and is made of chemical resins that adhere to the skin and can easily burn skin and remove live skin cells.