The SugarMe Experience

Our personalized experience coupled with our expertise creates a sanctuary where you can feel good about yourself and confident when you leave.
We specialize in skin and we have fun doing it!

SugarMe specializes in the advanced art of body sugaring. We offer customized care in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Our estheticians are personally trained and highly skilled in delivering all natural hair removal services. Our guest privacy and modesty are of utmost importance.

We perform quality services at high levels of efficiency and professionalism. Your visits with us will be positive and informative experiences. We look forward to getting to know you and supporting you in reaching your skin care goals.

SugarMe is not your typical day spa. We aim to create the most relaxing, judgement free, and efficient body sugaring and and spa experience. We specialize in skin therapy and devote our efforts to continuing to advance our knowledge of skin care and body sugaring.

We invite you to learn more about our services.

Anna Blanchette
Anna BlanchetteOwner, LE

Our Core Values

Self-Care We fill our cups first, so we can better serve others.

Uplift – We make time and effort to verbally recognize and do encouraging things for our teammates and guests. We recognize the responsibility to make a positive impact on every person we come in contact with, and make every effort to ensure our guests look and feel better when they leave our presence.

Grace- Everyone is fighting a battle we know not of. We offer unconditional love and forgiveness to our guests and each other. As the spa evolves and grows we understand it will come with challenges that may be painful or uncomfortable at times.  We accept this as a part of our destiny and commit to learning with grace and patience as we grow.  

Authenticity– We commit to being fully authentic with each other and our guests. We have the courage to be ourselves and embody vulnerability, transparency, and integrity in all things. 

Respect in communication-  Clear Communication is kind. We believe in practicing strong and honest communication.